Who I am

My name is Emily. I’m a human who loves other humans. I’m a follower of Jesus, an Intercultural Studies Graduate from William Jessup University; class of ’14.

I reside in Sacramento and work part-time as an official staff member at World Relief Sacramento and part-time as a community mobilizer in Arden-Arcade– the latter a job I am passionate about and fund-raise my own wages to be able to do it!IMG_4556

I’m a daughter, a writer, a sister, an artist, a volunteer coordinator, a cook, a friend, a photographer, a barista, a mentor, a city girl, a country girl, a risk-taker, an athlete, a hiker,  a caregiver, a missionary, amongst other things.

Don’t be impressed; it’s general skill, not a prodigy status. And I certainly wrestle with my fair share of flaws.

No matter what I’m handling–flaws, failures, strengths, or accomplishments… my desire is to live my life out in a way where all my qualities, good and bad, ultimately put God, our creator, on display.

My Lord has me on a purposeful journey that includes myself being culturally expanded, a spreading of good news, and a growing array of ways He can use me to further His love for people in this world.

This is my story. He is the author. I just transcribe.


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