The Evangelical Approach to Gay Lifestyle Abroad

If the Church can’t win the marriage rights battle in America, is it right to seek justice and victory in other countries?

Take a look at this video (or read the article):–evangelicals-to-intolerance-against-gays-in-uganda-191437464.html?vp=1

This is my opinion, but maybe this will force you to think…how do you feel about this? How does this representation of the American Church sit with you? Is it accurate? Inaccurate? Is it justified or is it wrong? Are we representing the Kingdom of God the way the Lord would want us to? Is this how Jesus would have acted?

I read this article  before a weekend outreach trip to SF and have just now watched the video.
How interesting this is.
I DO believe that there is perverted evangelism going on (especially in other countries) that are concerned more about political interests and conversion of souls than about the compassion that Jesus modeled for us. At the same time, to put the title “God Loves Uganda” on a movie that is attacking the overall American evangelical church is really jumping the gun and is definitely an attack against the Church. It sounds like this movie is trying to make a statement on behalf of Christians that Lesbians and Gays are good. The Christians is Uganda who have recanted of their LGBT-hating ways must move from believing that Gays and Lesbians are monsters (one extreme) to believing they’re in the right (the other extreme) to finding a balance based on Scripture says:  “There is no one righteous, not even one” (Romans 3:10). Thus, they cannot be good; no one is good. God hates sin. Sexual Immorality is sin, but there is grace offered for that, along with all sin. Love and compassion is to be had, tolerance is not. It does not surprise me that some evangelical organizations/churches would take this aggressive approach in a developing country such as Uganda. It also doesn’t surprise me that the media would take that and run with it, putting words in the mouth of the Church as a whole.

Fellow believers, we are to be weary of this. One, weary of having a hateful demeanor and imposition upon other culture, being forceful with the gospel and political views at one time while lacking in compassion.
We are ALSO to be weary of the way media seeks to portray us and make the Church look like a full-blown political and cultural enemy, at times.

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