With Faith

Today felt like it could have easily been two days; I am so tired,  yet here I am up writing late at night, depriving myself of precious sleep time. I can already tell that this semester has a lot of potential: potential to be overwhelming and potential to be enriching.

There’s one thing that has stuck with me this week…the Latin word that Pastor Richard spoke of on Monday night at Metro Calvary Church: “Confide”. The Latin-origin word, pronounced “cone-fee-day”, can be divided into 2 parts… “con” meaning “with and “fide” meaning “faith”. Confide was where the word confidence originated from. So confidence, essentially means “with faith”.

I found myself writing this word on my arm this morning as the Lord kept putting it on my mind during class. It kept reminding me throughout the day that everything I do, I ought to do confide (with faith), and that my confidence should not derive from myself, but solely from God. This small word provided a segue into giving my fears and worries to the Lord throughout the day:

Lord, with faith, I begin this school year.
SAMSUNGWith faith, I relent my need for perfect relationships in my life.
Confide, I choose to miss this event in place of another.
Confide, I move toward what current calling you’ve place on my life.

And the list goes on…

Right before sitting down to write, I re-“tattooed” Confide on my arm with sharpie and realized, the English word “confide” (kun-fide) is present. Those of you reading probably realized this from the get-go. Let’s just say, I get a little wrapped up in my accented ethnic words at times. 🙂  Anyway…what a need and a joy to confide in the Father daily by giving up my fears of man and fears of mere life to Him.

Confide daily….with faith, live.
Peace & the joy of God follows.

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One thought on “With Faith

  1. Hannah Cortese

    Thank you for your thoughts and insight. What a great reminder! 🙂



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