Culture in the flesh

I want to back to the roots of this writing venture: culture and my capacity for it…everyone’s capacity for it.

If there’s been a time that culture has made itself evident in my thoughts and actions during this summer, it’s been this past week.

It started with this past Sunday. A small miracle occurred that reminded me God is sovereign and in control–over jobs, finances, relationships and even car batteries. (see previous blog post)

Ironically enough, my car overheated the next day, Monday night, and I ended up losing use of it  for the week to follow.

Carless. Let’s start there. What percentage of the U.S. population doesn’t have a car? What percent has to use public transportation or hitch rides with their friends constantly? Don’t ask me for the numbers, but I know it’s a large percentage. I realized that that was my first experience being without a car and essentially stuck in Lincoln/Rocklin. It really dished out a lot of perspective for me. And can anyone say “first world problems”?

Also during the course of this week, I met a unique individual around Origin. Her name is Hanan and she is a resident German, but of Moroccan descent. I figured out that she was at Origin almost every day because she was studying her English. She is here in the states for three months to improve her English, and somehow, out all the cities she could be at, she landed in Rocklin. She’s such a sweet woman. The language deficit is significant, but still doable and we have had many a conversation. She has expressed that she is only so happy to be able to have a friend outside of the family that is hosting her. She loves it inside Origin and just wants to keep coming back. I’m picking her up and bringing her to the church gathering on Sunday…quite excited about that!

I’m feeling a bit of a burden for her. She will be here in Rocklin for another full month…and we have become friends. It’s strange, but I just want to love her and watch her see more of Jesus than perhaps she’s ever seen before. Wouldn’t that just be amazing?

Moving on, has anyone heard of Portlandia? I heard much about it and the mockery it makes of hipster culture….whatever that is. I’ve been both accused of and complimented about being a hipster, so I figured I should probably see what this little tv scheme was all about. For one who was expecting a little more real life show with a subtle hint of mockery, that show blew my socks off. I couldn’t get through more than 20 minutes of it without turning it off. I’m sure it has it’s funny moments here and there, but I just couldn’t believe how racy it was. Hipster culture has engulfed much of my generation–is that racy and sometimes unreasonable perspective on life really what we’re becoming?

There’s more, I assure. I could go on and on about some of the strange thought processes and epiphanies-of-sorts I have had this week. In all of my thinking through little life subtleties such as these, I try to think about where I can find Christ in each of them. I know it sounds a bit unreal at times, but sometimes I find myself dwelling on this that or the other and realizing that I’m not connecting it at all to my ultimate motivation in life.

So…I guess that’s just something for all of us to chew on.

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