It’s The Simple Things

I have a short story that shows magnificent things.

This summer has been the most financially burdening and complex time I’ve yet to face in life…. aka, real life costs have become more and more of my own and BOY am I feeling the weight of it.

Not long ago, God blessed me with 3 students to tutor and after much job hunting, I settled for a job at Jamba Juice. This was going to be sufficient, or so I thought.

Within this past week, I am finding out that my hours at Jamba are rather minimal for now and alongside that, I lost one of my students. This very evening, I lost another student. With two students gone, my income was going down significantly and there were plenty of other costs that I was looking at having to face in the near future.

I’d never been down to the wire with my budget before; I didn’t know how it felt, but it just seemed like things kept getting worse.

After talking on the phone with a student’s mother and discussing the end of our contract, I sent out a text to those closer to me asking them to pray for my faith that the Lord will sustain and also to pray for His sustenance for me.

I walk out to my car and a small miracle occurred. Another text promptly went out saying this:

As I just shared that with all of you, I now need to share a small miracle. Clearly, today has been rough. My faith is being tested financially but I know in my heart that God will provide. As I walked out to my car in the parking lot, I found my light on. I had been parked there since 10:30am this morning. I knew this meant my battery was dead. I so did not need that and was ready to cry. But I just felt instructed to pray over my car. I did and told God I believed He could revive my battery so I could just go home. So I put my stuff in the car and got in…my car started up just fine. I just cried. God is going to sustain me in every way and my faith is no doubt being stretched. Praise God for that and for little miracles that keep challenging us to trust Him further.

For those of you who don’t know me super well, faith of a mustard seed has not played a huge role in my walk with God because my life is comfortable. I don’t always like it being this comfortable, but it is and sometimes that leaves no room for faith…to be perfectly honest. If that’s you too, Praise God. Remember to give Him room to work in the simplest of ways! If you are in the habit of seeing faith at work all the time, Praise God again! It is people like you that remind me how much God blesses us when we step out in faith–in for the significant things and the insignificant….in the most dire of times and the least dire of times.

I never know who reads this blog and who doesn’t, but I just want to say that this is one honest testament as to why I have given, and every day give again, my life to this spiritual being that I call God, my Lord and Savior, Father and friend. To shine a light off of me and onto Him makes my life worth living.

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One thought on “It’s The Simple Things

  1. Thanks for sharing, we all need encouragement in THIS area of life. God bless you in your journey with Him! It’s the small things that really matter 🙂


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