Diversity outside of Ethnicity

Diversity. This word is taking on a new meaning in my mind.

It’s no longer just a description of the collaboration of different ethnic groups, for that is something I don’t get much of here in Rocklin. Diversity right now in my life means something more to the effect of a broad expanse of individuals with varying perspectives on life, varying habits, varying beliefs, varying religions, varying political stances, you name it.

Naturally, there can be something frustrating to this, because disagreements occur. But more than frustrating, it’s actually relieving…both relieving and challenging. Relieving because I get to breathe a sigh of relief knowing that not everyone around me is the same and believes the same thing I do. That would just drive me crazy! Challenging because their thoughts and decisions challenge me to think twice about how I would have reacted or what I would have said.

And I am talking about both those in and out of the Christian community.

Hearing different outlooks on life helps me to be aware of which beliefs  I am grounded in and which beliefs and opinions I’m not so sure of. I then, once realizing this, am given the opportunity to pursue those things which I seem unsure of, in order to become more firm.

In all of this, if one lets the Lord work, much identity can be built upon where the Lord leads through these challenges and figuring out one’s worldview. On the other hand, it can be dangerous work to research these things without prayer and reference to God’s Word. It goes both ways. They didn’t name one of the characters out of Pilgrim’s Progress “Wordly Wisdom” for nothing.

I don’t have any grand conclusion this time or an epiphany to share. It’s only food for thought.

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