An Uplifting Word In a Downpulling Society

Last week began the start of a new hunt for me. A hunt for a job, a hunt for summer clothes for low prices, and unfortunately in all that, I let myself begin a hunt for identity.

I know where my identity lies; I know it deep down. But let me tell you, I sure let myself forget and by the end of the week with no job hits or even slightest interest in me, no luck with other outer appearance dives and plunders, I was wallowing in self pity. Thank God (literally) for peers who can speak the honest, robust truth into your life without a need to help you smother yourself in pity.

Things of our society….finding jobs, finding style, finding trends, finding the hot spots….are often anything but uplifting. And all too often, we allow ourselves to try to find ourselves in everything else we’re searching for. Therefore, a failure to find this, that, and the other, means a failure to find yourself. You’re not worth anything. Wrong.

For peers my age or anyone else that isn’t experiencing full and complete contentment (that’s all of us, by the way), please remember that God provides sufficiently and in His timing and all we are required to do is be faithful to Him and faithful to hard work. He honors that…relentlessly.

If that means a day to day struggle within your house or out in the city, make sure you give it to God in advance, BEFORE the meltdown and discouragement occurs. And I’m preaching to myself here, first and foremost.

So, back to the greatest commandment. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind. And love your neighbor as yourself.  Jesus called this the greatest commandment for a reason. Stick with it day to day.


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One thought on “An Uplifting Word In a Downpulling Society

  1. Nancy Cortese

    Mature attitude.. but most would agree that it’s hard to live out. It will be a lifetime battle. Identity…I am beginning to struggle with that as I consider the reality of no longer be a homeschooling mom. Who am I Lord??? Well, I know the answer to that but…. I miss hearing your heart in person. Maybe we can plan to get together throughout the summer twice a month and talk on the phone more often.

    : ) Mama > >Say “thank you” to God by the life you live.


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