Some Things are Meant To Be.

It has been what seems to be a good long while since I have truly typed a blog post. Yes, I have published in the month of May, but will be daring enough to confess that those posts may or may not have been some simply, ingenious papers that I was required to write for classes. Ha. I only make it appear like I am thinking deeply merely for a blog.

But now, friends, a moment has come that has made the finger and brain energy put into this post VERY worthwhile.

Only a short week and a half ago, I was candidly informed about a particular class at WJU that is going to be offered in the Fall. This class is called New Testament Exposition. It’s a preaching class…expository preaching. If you don’t know what that is, go look it up.

Just kidding. I’d be more than happy to explain.

The look of pure excitement!

The look of pure excitement!

Expository preaching is basically extracting truth from the Word of God and delivering it in such a way that it moves chronologically through the text. In short, the sermon given does not have a theme or topic with spontaneous scripture verses to back it up. Instead, the theme IS scripture and topics/issues/arguments/lessons are extracted from the Word.

It’s a beautiful thing, really. I’ve come to appreciate it ever since I’ve been at Origin Church and watched the Lord use my pastor and this style of preaching to touch lives, mine included.

Throughout this past semester, I’ve taken a communications course that doesn’t necessarily focus on preaching, but it does require that you bring scripture out in your topical speeches. I highly appreciated this course, and through it, and a series of other events, I developed a conviction. I was not only enjoying speaking publicly, but felt that the growth I had experienced was not yet enough. I felt that I had developed an eloquence in speech through my gifts and experience in writing. It wasn’t a bad thing, but I realized that I needed to be able to speak more candidly and learn how to do this with more naturally and with less rehearsal.

When I heard about this class from some peers, my excitement to join the class shot up, but was also shot down. I was told that the class was full and the professor had already let in a few extra students, which was a push. Each person has to deliver three 30 minute sermons and the semester only gives so much time for that.

I was basically told “No, Emily”. I almost relented, but I spoke with a few different individuals about it and thought I might as well give it a shot. Even though it is doesn’t count toward my grad requirements, even though it makes another 8 am class for me, even though it tops me at 18 units, I wanted to give it a shot.

I emailed the professor, made a case, and apparently the Lord wanted me in there, because he let me in!

And now, to say I am stoked about this opportunity would be an understatement. I can only hope that this enthusiasm dwells through the summer and motivates me in the fall. I am SO pumped not only for the learning I will be receiving, but also for watching other students grow in their ability to speak the gospel in the most clear and concise way.

May the Lord bless and train all of our hearts to be aligned with His every time we preach His Word!

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