The Lord Sees our Needs in Context

Tonight, my sweet mother sent out an email to give God glory for His hand in the smaller things in life that sometimes we, unfortunately, believe have escaped the eyes of our Lord. But no, while God reaches out to the abused and homeless and hears their cries, He sees the burdens of everyday mini catastrophes and cups us in His hand to carry us right on through with grace and peace.

Let us never forget that the Lord watches our every move, feels our every heart throb, and hears our every cry.

Mom, the Lord will bless you for your faith.

I just wanted to share a praise with you because I feel like keeping it to myself is not giving God enough glory.  It’s about our car problems.
First of all, Emily’s car was having problems so we switched cars with her and took hers to the mechanic, and he told us that it has all kinds of issues and that we should get rid of it if we didn’t want to spend a couple thousand dollars on it.  The first blessing “in disguise” is that Jay’s mom just happened to leave us her car while she was on a 2 week vacation when all this started happening.  (We were not left with just one car during all this.)  We spent some money to get Emily’s car somewhat fixed and put it on Craigs List on Sunday morning to sell “as is”.  Emily’s car sold that night for $2200 to a man who loved the car and was mechanically gifted.
Of course, then we were under the gun because Jay’s mom would return on Wednesday and we would be down to one car, but we didn’t just want to buy anything and with only $2200 to work with, we knew it would be difficult.  And from the ads, it was going to be hard.  However, on Monday evening Jay found a car for sell that sounded pretty good; it was selling for $2500.  Tonight we went to look at it and it was a good car, owned by a really nice young man that had taken such good care of it and kept it up mechanically.  He kept calling it his “baby”.  We offered him $2200 which is what we had from Emily’s car, and he accepted it.  He then told us that he had kept it up so well because his “baby” had belonged to his wife who had passed away three years ago at the age of 28 and that this was the last thing of her that he was letting go.
Emily will keep Jay’s car and we will keep this car because it is a bigger, family sized car.  As I drove home, leaving Jay to finalize the deal, I was overcome with how the Lord just simply took care of this whole thing for us.  I can’t give Him enough praise.  He is good!  There was a time in my life that I would not have recognized His hand in something like this so I am also thankful that He has given me eyes that SEE Him more….always involved and caring for His children.  He knew I did not need this financial problem and burden at this particular time in my life, so he took care of me.  Thank you, Jesus. 
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