Culture says…

This past February the Lord clearly told me to NOT accept my dream summer job as a World Changers missions coordinator that I had been trying to get for three years in a row, and stay put in the greater Roseville/Rocklin community instead. Here lies my church, the nonprofit coffee shop that is dear to my heart, and now the ministry group that I’ve been able to commit to and serve with. Here lies a place where God is growing and stretching me.

To live in this community through the summer, I knew I would need a house…better yet, a home. A specific family had been on my mind since the very beginning of my knowledge that I’d be staying local. Let me tell you, working that deal out is not as easy as simply asking. To ask to live with someone for free is putting oneself in a very vulnerable place. Culture says that’s practically unheard of and perhaps even rude to request.

I finally wrote a hand-written letter to the family, my preferred way of communication.  I love these people dearly…the couple, their son and daughter. They are a wonderful, God-fearing, loving, fun family. And because of our friendship, I greatly disliked the thought of putting them in an awkward situation.

This past Friday we got together to talk things out and they have readily agreed, and are excited, to provide for me a home during the summer! I, of course, am more than excited to help them out by watching the kiddos, cooking or cleaning or however else I can be of service.

I was reminiscent of this whole situation and somehow in awe of how beautiful the love of our Lord plays out in our actions. A compassion and love flows through what Jesus Christ did for us and allows us to surprise culture by going against it. No, apparently it’s not ridiculous to extend a situation full of grace and generosity to a brother or sister in Christ.

Culture says, “That’s not a fair scenario”.
Christ says, “Love others as I have loved you”.

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