Capacity for Culture

Look. Sometimes we need a little (or big) push here and there from God to get us back on track. I love how He does that sometimes.
We veer, *push*, back in the right frame of mind.

It can be hard for me to realize over and over again that my calling is to the broken and down-trodden, the diverse and dirty communities, the more humble lifestyle. It’s not hard for me because I don’t want to do it…it’s hard for me because where I currently am, my financial status, my job and where I live does nothing but define me as “rich, white girl”…the elite. I don’t think I want to be that. But it’s who I am anyway. That’s where the humility comes in, doesn’t it?

Today I walked the streets of downtown Sac with my friend Lisa. Downtown must be the polar opposite of Rocklin: diversity in people, diversity in buildings, dirty here and clean there, business class to my left and homeless to my right. It’s not a patterned city. After coffee, Lisa and I made our way to The Dream Center… a church and ministry center for urban ministry. This place, their vision…. they defined humble living and ministry, but yet the pastor and his wife who ran it lived in Rocklin. Strange.

I loved their story and their hearts. It was so encouraging to me to tell of my own heart and be told of other hearts–both on the same wavelength, given the same strain of compassion for the broken of this world.

I was thinking about how many of my peers I could convince to participate in outreach conducted by The Dream Center….there weren’t many that came to mind. I pondered to myself: “how does one live in the suburbs with a comfortable life and still sacrifice their time, talent, and treasure to be apart of God’s ministry in the more broken part of the world. It was the title of my blog that hit me. “Capacity for Culture”. What did I mean when I gave that title to my blog? I don’t remember. But I realized that the Lord gave me specifically a capacity–a heart, a yearning, an opening, an unconditional love– for that which is not my normal surroundings, for those who are not my normal peers. Does that make me better? No way. The last thing I desire is to attain a “holier than thou” attitude….I was just drawn by the fact that God does what He wants, when He wants, how He wants. Who cares if I live comfortably in suburbia, though God-willing I won’t forever, He is still going to carve out paths exactly to the place that He designed my heart to care about.

In the words of Lisa and I after leaving The Dream Center:

Emily: “Wow, Praise God.”
Lisa: “He is so cool!”

Thank the Lord for no coincidences and all guidance all the time from Him.

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