“May You Have a Lovely Day”

I was bidding good morning to my best friend Brianna in a text and wished her well by saying, “may you have a lovely day”. And it’s notJOY the first time I have wished for someone far from me that their day will be lovely. Why lovely? I don’t know; it’s merely an eloquent-sounding choice of words. But I had a moment, dwelling on my wish for her, and felt that rare, awkward yet beautiful urge to write a poem (I think it’s that awkward yet beautiful urge that makes poems turn out so cheesy). As I began to write, I was thinking of Brianna who is merely 3 hours away from me, but as I went on, the words began to pertain to everyone that I would love to be near at all times, but simply cannot. It began to pertain to my family while I am in Rocklin and they are in Sac, my grandparents about an hour north, those I befriended while in Uganda that are spread through the country, even those I came to cherish while in Uganda that still dwell on Ugandan soil. And these words, I daresay, will always apply for many years to come, no matter where I am physically located.
So, enjoy my random spurt of poetic-ness.
May You Have a Lovely Day
By: Emily Cortese
May you have a lovely day,
You are on my heart as you’re miles away.
You could be sleeping,studying, whatever the case,
No matter how far, I can still see your face.
Your smile shines bright as those around you enjoy it,
As for me, I’m not near, but my imagination employs it.
May you have a lovely day,
It may have been long since we have said “hey”.
Our last note together could have been happy or sad,
But my mind refuses to dwell on the past.
I live in the present and in this moment now,
I pray what you’re doing is joyful somehow.
May you have a lovely day,
I can’t say it’s easy when days turn out gray.
And it’s comfort and love from you that I miss so much,
A hug from your arms, that loving touch.
There are moments I realize you are not next to me,
And concerns flood my mind as if you should be.
But may you have a lovely day,
You may be far, but it’s really okay.
Life takes its twists and turns as we know,
But we have a relationship that nothing can blow.
The Lord stands beside us; His hand guides each way,
As we both live apart and make our way through each day.
So as you cross my mind time by time,
I hope for the best and that you are feeling fine.
The Lord will sustain you at all times, I pray,
So may you have a lovely day.
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One thought on ““May You Have a Lovely Day”

  1. Candy Hershey

    Thank you! Beautiful! Not cheesy at all, may YOU have a lovely day 🙂


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