Un-Radically Changed

It’s weird how people gape at my stories from Uganda. I came back feeling as if I had just simply lived life for four months in a change of scenery. I came back feeling as if God did nothing radical in my heart or mind and feeling as if my easy shift back into life in America solidified all my feelings. Don’t get me wrong, I did not return feeling like something was incomplete or had gone wrong. I only think it’s quite interesting how my simple stories and things I slowly learned appear to be life changing in other people’s eyes…well, some at least.

I went to my small group last night. They wanted to know what God had done in my life while I was there. And similar to my response to the exact same question from a phone interview just a week before, I sat thinking in silence for a few moments for some sort of radical, pretty-sounding answer. But there seemingly was none. I just told my group how much I got to (and still am) wrap my mind around the concept that God is universal and beyond what we have made Him to be in our minds based on the culture we grew up around.IMG_1817

I told them how at times I had a hard time solidifying in my mind that those around me were brothers and sisters in Christ. We could literally be in chapel together (myself and tons of Ugandans that I don’t know), singing and worshiping the same God, but walking away, I may still feel out of place…lacking in that feeling of love, a need to love on other Jesus-followers after having all worshiped Him in one spirit and voice. It’s a trippy mind game, almost. Something one has to conquer in their own mind; no one else can do it for you. No matter where you go, God is the same god of all His children around the world. I don’t know about you, but that blows my mind. One semester I think God and I are so intimate and I know of His ways (pride, *cough cough*) and the next semester I see Him, my God, same God, as an African and I’m like,

“whoa, who is this God that I worship? He can be all things and everywhere and know where exactly to meet every culture, every person. Maybe I should be fearing Him more.”

It’s amazing, really. And humbling to be sure.

So my small group basically says to me, “you’re crazy to think that God didn’t do something with you”…and they’re right. Although I didn’t get a full or even half dose of American emotional spirituality in worship and fervent prayer, God expanded Himself in my mind. Just think about that. He chose to let my mind be expanded and understand better who He is. I really believe He is going to use that in the future and I’m just excited. Simply thrilled.

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One thought on “Un-Radically Changed

  1. Nancy Cortese

    Very nice post Emmie. I love you!

    : ) Mom > >Say “thank you” to God by the life you live.


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