Southern Fried Chicken

Last night was pretty dang lovely. I somehow managed to redeem myself for the burnt pizzas I had cooked for my family last Friday. We butchered that cock that was given me as a gift from my sponsored child and had it for dinner! I had planned on cooking the breasts and thighs in a saucepan with oil…the way I would at home. I don’t know what on earth made me think I would be able have those same tender and well-shaped pieces of meat to cook, but it certainly didn’t happen.

Lilly and I managed to cut off all the meat we could off the bone into smaller pieces, beginning to resemble the size of popcorn chicken from KFC in the states. I cooked this chicken with oil, oregano and flour…fried chicken! The only problem was that this free-roaming cock had way too much muscle and he was quite hard to chew.

Despite the hardness of the meat, it was quite tasty and mixed with fried veggies then served with lemon pasta, rice and cabbage. Tasty stuff! I felt pretty darn proud of my work and everyone enjoyed. Hallelujah, I am a good cook after all!

Today I went to town to buy some lovely fabric with Shanae. We found the perfect pattern and bought without even thinking twice. Then we took it to the tailor in town who knows how to make American-style dresses. She charges a mere 20,000 schillings, which is only $8 to have a dress made! It’s amazing. But ssshhh, don’t tell anyone. It’s a surprise. I’m going to pick it up on Wednesday and wear it to the Thursday night farewell dinner without anyone having seen it beforehand. Pretty stoked. Let’s hope it fits properly!

Our very last class was today. Today I go home to write my capstone paper. And then once I finish that and my religions paper, I am home free academically!

But I have a lovely weekend awaiting me at home, so it’s time to depart. For all you lovelies at home, I’ll be seeing you soon!

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