Then and Now

Some days, when walking to school alone, passing each good-looking Ugandan, greeting excited children, dodging bodas and just treading Ugandan soil, I think of that excited moment 3 1/2 months ago when our plane was about to land in Entebbe. I remember looking out the window, seeing Ugandan land with my own eyes and realizing that the wheels of our plan were about to touch down. Thus began my journey here.

The excitement was overwhelming. I remember contemplating the concept of the next 4 months of my life being spent across the world from the place I had grown up. I pondered how I got here, what urged me on, what the Lord had planned, how I would be able to cope, how well would I fit in, and the like. Endless thoughts were speeding through my mind; imagination gone wild.

Now here I am with less than 2 weeks left in this beautiful country with these wonderful and unique people…both USP and Ugandans. This week consists of typing up my last papers and doing minor readings to top off classes. Next week is a week of free time, more or less. Final days and hours counting down…last chances to spend quality time with all those I have come to love so much here. And then once turning away from these wonderful people, I will get to turn back toward all those I love that I left in America. Torn between two worlds. What a strange concept…and so mind-boggling.

Anyway, there’s really not much to say. I am only so thankful for the smooth beginning, middle and ending the Lord has granted me here in Uganda. And, unlike before and during the beginning of this trip, I know for a fact that my life here in Uganda is not a separate chapter set aside or to be forgotten once I return to my homeland, but rather, an integrated learning experience that has sincerely shaped who I am and who I am becoming. Nothing in my life could ever allow me to set this time I’ve had here in its own box, put away in storage to get dusty and forgotten. There is no way on earth. The Lord has been too present here and life has been too real for it to become its own separate story not directly related to my life before and after.

Does that make sense? Who knows. It does in my mind. Sweet Lordy, I feel so blessed.

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