A joyous surprise!

Tomorrow is American Thanksgiving! And although I am not currently in America, all the Americans on campus are celebrating together by playing football and eating Thanksgiving food. Students were told to sign up to make desserts. I was originally going to make a chocolate pie from my Grandma’s original recipe. Since mine and my Grandpa’s birthdays are around Thanksgiving, it is this chocolate pie that we consider our “birthday cake” and we traditionally fight over who gets the bigger slice. I simply could not forgo this tradition of eating this delightful dessert so I was planning on making one for all of USP to enjoy! HOWEVER, something that I am totally thankful for has gotten in the way…….

*drum roll please*

I get to meet, greet and visit the little girl that I sponsor here in Uganda…Dillish Angom…tomorrow! What a perfect day for both her and I to show thankfulness. She lives in Gulu, Uganda…. at least a 5 hour drive away. But World Vision has worked it out that she will be in Kampala for the day and I will get to meet her. I am so stoked. I was starting to think that this opportunity was going to fall through after I heard about what arrangements to go to Gulu would cost. But they made it happen. Praise God!

This was such wonderful news and much needed to lighten up my day. Earlier that morning I was shedding a few tears (something I have learned to control here in Uganda because of their great dislike for crying) in Mark’s office. Between yesterday afternoon and this morning, I was just feeling straight up mistreated. Details really aren’t necessary, particularly because it’s all tolerable. It was just one of those moments where one feels like it’s them versus the world. There were a few family members that things were awkward around last night and then a USP student this morning who, once again, just treated me like crap. She’s been mistreating me all semester in subtle, but hurtful ways. And somehow the Lord has given me enough patience and grace to not just tolerate her, but love on her instead…knowing that it’s no use for me to try and put her in her place and even expressing my pain to her would not help. I’m actually rather impressed with my ability to bite my tongue and withhold resentment, but it’s all because the Lord has been carrying me through on His strength not my own.

I am approaching the ending 3 weeks of my time here in Uganda and it’s truly a disheartening realization. I have come to love this country, its people and culture so much. There is no doubt I will have to return someday because I will definitely be leaving part of my heart here in Uganda.

On the flip side, I hear in my family’s voices how much they miss me and I can’t help but miss them too. There is going to be something so special about returning to them, as the first family member that has been apart from the family continuously for this length of time. And there is going to be something very special about returning in the midst of Christmas cheer. The day I leave will hurt so badly but the day I return to home will be the best thing ever.

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