My Fabulous Weekend

I never did like the sound of my siblings getting spanked in their bedroom and crying out in pain. Here, my little brother Mark is always getting into trouble. He deserves to be “beat”, as they call it here, but it seems as if every time he is beat, I am conveniently not in the house. This morning, the sound of Mama speaking sternly, beating him, and Mark crying out is what I awoke to. I’m glad it was Mama though… many times she will call over Junea, a neighbor and one of her catering workers, to do the beating. Naturally, Junea is more harsh with the switch. I’ve even seen Mark running away across the yard with Junea chasing him down with the stick. It’s often too much for me to bear and if I am with Muzungu he can read that all over my face. I don’t disagree with physical discipline, but it doesn’t benefit Mark anymore…it only causes him to rebel and run away more often. That kid needs some love. I feel like he forgot what love is…

On a better note, this weekend went wonderfully. Saturday I was supposed to go to the garden with Lilly and Mama, Mark, and Eveling (a 12 year old orphan girl that Mama found at school and decided to take in for now). But Lilly and I watched The Proposal on Friday night and we were up late; I was sleeping when they left in the morning and they didn’t wake me. So, instead, I spent my morning cleaning the house, the compound and doing laundry. I was feeling pretty proud of my grungy-look, the sweat on my brow and my hard work well-accomplished.

Later that day after eating, resting and bathing, Muzungu and I took a nice walk up to the top of the hill…again. That view is so great. I love sitting up there and talking about this, that and the other. There’s nothing but a wonderful breeze and all of Mukono and the surrounding cities to look at. You can even see soccer games going on down below.

The beautiful view from the top of the hill.

When we got back, Lilly and I watched 17 Again with the ever-beautiful Zac Efron. A short, but delightful call was made to my parents thereafter which left me in peace for the evening, setting me up for some good sleep. Unfortunately, my room was too  hot that night to get some real rest.

So on Sunday, Lilly, Muzungu and I went on a trip to Kampala. We were trying to get to the 10 am service; we made it by 10:15, but it turns out the service started at 9. So, we sat down when the sermon was about half way through. Lo and behold, the pastor was preaching on marriage….most awkward thing of my life. I’m so glad Lilly came with us! We went to the next service just for praise and worship…very western, thus I enjoyed it.

After that, we toured Makerere University where Muzungu graduated from and then had lunch. Makerere was beautiful, but it was so outside. Later was the craft market and then we got home by 6.

Lilly, Muzunugu, and I had so much fun in each other’s company…teasing, singing. It was great. I am going to miss those two plus Mama the very most.

We walked back from Mukono and picked up rolexes (breakfast burritos) on our way home. We ate then I bathed the hot day away and thus ended the great weekend.


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