And Life goes on…

For a good two weeks now, my body has not allowed me to sleep past 6:30am. I don’t even go to bed early, but somehow my body has been functioning off this amount of sleep quite well. Regardless of whether or not it is noisy outside or within the house, I  tend to awake before my alarm. No need to Ellie Goulding to sing me awake anymore! I arise even before Mama at times, which is saying something!

But I like getting up early. I have always wished that I was an earlier riser, like Daddy…finally I get my wish! I doubt this will remain once I return home though…boo.

Getting up early this morning meant taking my time getting  ready, fetching water for Mama, letting Lilly (my sister) do my hair, slowly drinking my coffee, and leaving for school an hour before class even started. On my walk up the small hill to the main road, I saw my little friend Claire with the sun shining behind her. Jenna made friends with her while she was here and I hadn’t seen her since. But she obviously remembered me as she stood there waiting for me to approach her. I came up to her and gave her a hug and I thus diverted my route to take the back roads to school, which I knew Claire walked along to get to her primary school.

Time was of no essence, so we waddled along slowly. Claire held three of my fingers. She doesn’t know much English so we couldn’t talk, but such slow walking was so refreshing. I got to greet everyone I passed along the road…”goodmorning” in English, and “Wasuzotya? (How are you?)” in Luganda. Claire and I parted ways where I had to pass up the hill and she continued along the back roads. I gave her a hug and wished that little sweet thing a nice day. She is precious.

Walking up the hill, I met a girl who was in secondary school (similar to high school) and headed to UCU as well. I told her my name and she was so excited because that was her sister’s name. I have yet to meet another Emily in Uganda! Her name was Irene. She told me I looked smart too (a nice compliment on my attire). We made small talk while walking onto campus and also parted ways, wishing her a nice day.

Yesterday was internship and today is the same. We went to Katanga again, the slums of Kampala. These kids are dirty, gross, unclothed…but happy, cheerful and full of smiles. They always melt my heart. Today we will go to the mission and be with the kids who live there…all 17 of them. Giving off this love to these kids is a wonderful thing.

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One thought on “And Life goes on…

  1. Candy Hershey

    Hello & blessings from beautiful San Luis Obispo. It’s been an off & on soft, misty rain since I arrived on Friday.
    Our pastor, Mike returned home from Kampala & Fort Portal on the 9th, his wife, Kyle, leaves tomorrow. Please pray for the difficult goodbyes with daughter & grandchildren.
    I love reading your posts & look forward to seeing you again… you are coming back aren’t you? (I keep forgetting to answer your question about what I’d like, jewelry?)
    love &prayers, Candy


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