For those of you who have been wondering why I haven’t posting a blog in a week, there are many reasons:

One, Last week was tiring with endless amounts of papers.
Two, there was a lot of time spent at home (where I don’t have internet)
Three, there were a lot of relational issues being worked out.
Four, I wasn’t getting the best sleep ever, so time spent at home relaxing sounded
much for attractive than sitting here at UCU typing a blog entry.

Muzungu and sweet little Robert that we met while walking at UCU.

The biggest issue was this. Through a series of events, a relationship has been started between myself and this great young man that I met here in Uganda, my neighbor, my brother in Christ, my friend… Muzungu. I didn’t have intentions to make a declaration, but he came out and expressed himself. This certainly wasn’t in the plans, but who am I to say what the plans are? It’s a slow and growing process and many of you might find this decision unwise. It’s true that the statistics are completely against us and it will be utterly hard. But I know this, God knows what He is doing and has made this transition go over smoothly thus far. I firmly believe He has it all in His hands.

So life has changed a bit for this last month here in Uganda…just a bit. Nothing has changed with my family. Our relationship is open and honest, not a secretive occurrence. While time will still be given to him, my time will also continue to go into studies, USP relationships, my family and other friends.

There’s really no need to spill out everything I feel, but I like this guy a lot. He is highly intelligent, slow to speak, a great thinker, tall, handsome, culturally aware, sensitive, a servant, modern, funny, caring, and many other things. And he loves kids, as you can see.

I don’t expect everyone back home to understand right off the bat. Even I am still struggling to understand, but the Lord grants peace to those who seek it. If you would like, please pray for simple wisdom and God’s guidance in our choices of words and actions.

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