Simple Living

I mean, life is pretty dang good right now. I went on a safari this weekend. It wasn’t the best thing of my life, but it was definitely something one can only do in Africa.

Merchison Falls- Day 2 of Safari!

I don’t really have a whole lot to say at the moment… I always have something to ponder and think about, but it’s not always worth repeating and typing.

And then there’s other things that best not be shared with the whole wide world. Some parts of my Uganda life are simply worth keeping to myself, for the sake of part of my thoughts being only mine, something to treasure and always think about when I reflect on my precious 4 months that I spent in Uganda.

But you know, the Lord is faithful. I am healthy, happy and learning. I have good friends, good family and a good home. I cannot ask for much more at all.

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One thought on “Simple Living

  1. Candy Hershey

    Good attitude of gratitude!
    Leaving soon, later today, for our annual week in the desert. No outside contact, often the only Christian in the crowd …


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