Can Anyone Say “Cultural Incident”?

You know what really frustrates me? When our religions professor doesn’t show up half the time during the first 9 weeks of class and then suddenly begins to slam us with presentations and papers during crunch time of the semester. Look, I’ve got about 5 weeks left to accomplish other assignments, to be with my family, to live life as I know it here in Uganda. He can’t possibly expect for us to take his class seriously after how he treated it the first 2/3 of the semester. Hmm…yet he expects these things out of us last minute, consuming our Friday afternoons with field trips that were planned for earlier and getting upset if someone doesn’t show up to his class or skips out early. Banange. Doesn’t he know how to make a class worthwhile or himself worth respecting?

And so then we say “hello cultural incident”. While this professor was chosen to teach a class full of American students and should, ideally, know better. He is still Ugandan and for whatever reason, somehow, his actions are justified through culture…or something of the sort. It’s not that I understand what’s going on. And I’m still frustrated. But there is some form of barrier between our expectations as American students and his expectations as a Ugandan professor.

Sweet fancy Moses and Lord give me some endurance.

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