This, That, & the Other

Some days I really don’t dig this humidity and constant rain. You would think the rain would keep things cool. Oh, my fellow Californians, please appreciate the beauty of the cold temperatures behind rain. Such does not exist here in Uganda. So basically it’s muggy and warm while the ground is super muddy from the downpours. This makes it very easy for feet to get dirty, skin to get sticky and hair to get grimy.

I never would have thought that it’d be raining at least every other day while I spent 4 months in Africa.

Mama and I got to chat last night. For whatever reason, I was getting this feeling that I was becoming a bit of a burden to her. It turns out she’s really just got a lot on her mind– different things besides me. She sort of had the same demeanor that I see in my real Mom when it comes time to pay the bills, make decisions, get the car fixed and the children all at their appointments, all at once. Just some tension… and ya really can’t blame Moms for having that either. But since I’m more or less the only other one in the house, I get the butt of it all.

You see, Ugandans are not direct and despite how close Mama and I feel with each other, she is simply not going to come right out and initiate a “here’s what you need to change” conversation. I don’t want to be the obnoxious daughter asking all the time if I’m doing anything wrong, but I also don’t want to be ignorant to anything I might be doing that isn’t helping her out.

Well, in the end it turns out all is well. So last night after our conversation, I breathed a silent sigh of relief on the couch and fell asleep on Mama’s shoulder while she watched the news. I was so exhausted.

It’s really throwing me off how quickly time is flying by and after I leave on Friday for our rural homestay trip, the next 10 days are going to fly by double time, I’m sure. Two weekends and a week out the window and then returning to one week of school and the following weekend going on a safari! November is going to whiz by and then by the end of it, I’ll be 20 years old.

Right now this blog post is a way by which I am avoiding writing my mid-term self assessment for Faith and Action class. There have been so many papers due this week and the majority of us think that it’s a conspiracy to have many papers to grade during the 10 days we are living in rural homestays. Staff claims that’s not true, but I am still suspicious.

I have to get this paper done, though, and then edit two 8 page papers from the students I tutor. So off I go to write about Faith and Culture. Story of my Uganda Life.

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