Gotta Love the Fam Bam

Today is Uganda’s 50th anniversary of being an independent nation! I have nothing inspirational or mind-blowing to conjure about that, except for Congratulations Uganda! I have enjoyed living here and will continue to soak it all in for the next 8 weeks.

So has anyone thought yet about a stereotype they would like to ask the Lord to help them give up during this next week? (refer to the last blog post, if confused). Just thought I’d check in. I know I began this morning, but campus is entirely empty today, which gives me little opportunity to begin putting this prayer into action.

On a lighter note from yesterday and for those of you who are trying to track my life while I’m here, I am happy to say that I feel as if my Mama and I have truly bonded. It’s not that we weren’t getting along before or anything like that. It just seems like something clicked.

When I came back from my weekend trip on Sunday, I got to bring back some flowers for Mama from Kampala. She was actually in the middle of a catering job, but when she returned later evening with the whole catering crew, her first action was to come in my room and ask me how my weekend was and how I was doing. She said, “I just had to come in here and see how you were”, with a big smile on her face. She is so sweet. Our communication is fairly smooth. Thank you God for that blessing of MY adjustment in that field.

The other night she was teasing me in front of some other ladies telling me to find her a Mzungu man of at least age 60 and that she would find me a Buganda husband. She was joking, of course. Her sense of humor is wild. I love it.

It goes beyond just Mama. My brother, David, is also very good at listening to me and he is so funny as well.

I have to feel thankful. This is home for now, after all, and there’s no way I can’t NOT praise God for the way that I fit into my host family and how loving their hearts are.

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