Children are Precious

Yesterday was my first time visiting Katanga- the slums of Kampala, with Off-Tu. It was not exactly what I was imagining… actually more joyful and full of light and life. It was also not too far out of the city. In fact, it was in the dead center of it. There was a terrible stench, but it wasn’t super nasty and dirty. I had never been to the slums anywhere, but my pre-conceived notions were certainly there.

We went into a church that serves as a school during the week. The age range of kids there reminded me of school style back in Little House on the Praire days. We all sat on benches and kids just swarmed us…they would fight over who got to sit next to one of us or hold our hands. I’m pretty sure that at one point, I had four kids hanging off me: two on my lap and one hanging on each arm. They loved to gently stroke my ponytail, touch my skin, even make my arm flab move back and forth. Apparently that was fascinating for them.

This is Nabina’s “show your teeth!” face. I promise she’s not screaming. 🙂

Myriah taught a Bible story, we sung songs and Hudson (Off-Tu’s “Daddy” at the mission) gave an altar call…something I can’t quite agree with because of its superficial feel. Anyhow, after that we hung out with the kiddos while Hudson chatted with a pastor on site. This really cute little girl, Nabina, clung so tightly to me after I picked her up for the first time. She must have been only 3 years old. She would smile for me and show me her teeth when I asked. So, so precious.

My work there and life here in Uganda just makes me happy. I was telling a peer yesterday morning how besides missing individuals back home, I am just very content with life as I know it right now. I am not feeling the need to remain attached to home life or even return to it. I am content in my imperfect home with my imperfect family, with my bug-infested room, my tiny wardrobe, unvarying food, cold baths. I can honestly say I am content in all this. Maybe it’s because it’s new territory and somewhat easy and exciting to tread, but more than anything, I believe it’s a genuine gift from God.

I caught this quote from a book called Calm My Anxious Heart sometime ago, and I see it applying more so every time I read it:

“And when you do learn the secret of contentment,
you will see God in a new way.”

Beyond all this positiveness, I am going to get to visit my sponsored child toward the end of November! She is a 6 year old little girl named Dillish living in the Northern region of Uganda. I am SO stoked to get to see her. So stoked.

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