My internship

The Lord has blessed me.

Less than a year ago, I changed my major to Intercultural Studies. This essentially brought me to Uganda and it has me doing an internship. My internship is at OFF-TU Mission and Academy Off-Tu is a home to 18 past street kids from Kampala.

This afternoon was my first day spending time at the mission with these kiddos…ages ranging from 5-12. They are all the most precious kids I have ever met. They came up and hugged me and held my hand before I even knew their name or they knew mine.  They all us lady interns, “Aunty”. They are so trusting and just want to be loved. One would never have known that they used to live on the street doing nothing but extended one arm to beg for money.

Psalm 16:1 “Keep me safe, O God, for in you I take refuge”.

These kids all know that it’s by the Lord’s grace that they are safe. In fact, they frequently thank God both in prayer and conversation for simply keeping them alive. Now how often do I feel grateful for the gift of life like they are?

This evening we did community worship in a nearby field, singing praise songs, clapping, dancing and someone reading in Matthew and giving a short message on it.

Later, the kids led devotions…these littles ones speaking from the Word, leading praise songs, and asking for testimonies from the other kids.

Their hearts are so beautiful. I’m so humbled and excited to be working with them this semester!

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