Searching & Breaking

Searching For God Knows What

I’ve actually been wanting to read this book for a while now. It was sitting on the shelf in the USP library, so I made friends and brought it home.

“So if the difference between the Christian faith and all other forms of spirituality is that the Christian faith offers a relational dynamic with God, then why are we cloaking this relational dynamic in formulas?” – Donald Miller, Searching For God Knows What

I love this quote.

Formulas…how appropriate as we discuss in Faith & Action classes how westernized thinking makes for a pre-shaped way to share the gospel in different cultures.

Relationship and doctrine.
Relationship and formula.
Relationship and religion.

They all clash. Mind you, they can be vital, but western thinking has cuased a need to feel obligation to choose between “one or the other”.

So what formulas can I be letting the Lord break down in me while I am here, immersed in African culture?

And by the way, I have absolutely been eating up concepts and content from Faith & Action class. I love it. Did I mention that it covers  every glimpse the Lord has given me about why I became an Intercultural Studies Major in the first place?

When the Lord brought me out of majoring in English and forth into being an ICS Major, He took my heart for missions and made it clear that it was culture time. Time to see different perspectives, viewpoints, actions, practices, worship styles…time to see culture. “Emily, I am going to mold you to be more flexible within different cultures”.


I adore how my Faith & Action class (this is, by the way, the core class for the Uganda Studies Program that every student has to take)… I adore how we discuss our blinded way of thinking as westerners and how we can meet other cultures in their comfort zone rather than our own. We must go into others’ homes, not have them waiting on our doorstep. Slowly, but surely, I can feel the blinders coming off, giving me peripheral vision of the world rather than my skewed one way glance.

This is not hating on westerners either, because everyone has their skewed view based on where they’re at. Culture just does that to us. But who’s to say we have to remain rooted where we were planted? I’m down for being uprooted, totally down.

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2 thoughts on “Searching & Breaking

  1. Candy Hershey

    I love you & reading your blogs! “Starting over” brought tears to my eyes. I miss you @ Origin. I am having fun as a barista this quarter, thanks for the great training!
    I’m still looking for work, had my 1st interview last Monday, should hear soon. I also started counseling a gal last week… my 1st since graduating
    You remain in my prayers most every day. Let me know if you have any special requests.
    Do you know the Love family? James & I think Renee work(ed) @ Origin and little Emily Love, now 2, has been battling leukemia. Auntie Plum (Elizabeth) has been writing her blog ’til she left last week to work in Rwanda. Please pray. Thank you
    God is working in you & through you,
    Love, Candy


  2. You are so sweet, Candy. Thank you for your encouragement and prayers! Feel free to email me with life updates and I’d love to email back and forth with you :).


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