Sunday Thoughts

First Sunday of real service-like activity here in Uganda. Last night was a great night’s rest because of the amazing new pillow I bought in Kampala yesterday. Praise God for soft pillows to serve terrible necks such as mine.
Anyway, Jenna and I were sent to the service on campus because my family’s normal church was combining their services this morning to have only one large one in Luganda, as opposed to English, and Mama insisted I would not enjoy it.

So instead of a Luganda sermon, we received a sex talk on campus…in church. The topic was purity, but not in the sense that you folks back home might think. I couldn’t decide if the pastor wanted to be seen as a preacher or a comedian. He seemed to get his purity points across, but other than making it clear the Lord looked down up “too low and high” clothing, where did our relationship with God play into this message? Hello culture difference. I won’t lie; I’m guessing this will likely count as my most intense culture shock since I’ve been here. Since when does the pastor lay down the law (and various scenarios) about sex in church? It’s great that this is being emphasized. Is Sunday morning the proper setting?

On a positive note, we sang worship songs in English and I just love the way Ugandans move while¬†worshiping. That’s something I could get used to!

I believe Jenna and I are going back home to cleaning and cooking, but I have already decided that at some point today the Lord and I are going to have some time alone. I have acquired a few issues…cultural, physical, emotional…that I need to set before Him before beginning this next week.


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