Worldly Wisdom

Ever heard of this book? Yeah, neither did I….until one week ago.

Last Saturday I worked at a UFO Convention at the Crown Plaza off Madison Avenue. As a promotions rep in the radio business, I sometimes end up at some of the weirder-sounding events.

Manning our table, my job is to get visitors to come on over, sign up to win prizes, take free stuff and talk about their favorite radio talents. I ended up getting this guy from Minnesota to come over. His name was Scott Alan Roberts. Little did I know he flew in as one of the resounding authors at the convention, signing and selling his book.

Long story short, I innocently asked about his thoughts on the convention as a whole and ended up receiving a free copy of his book along with a never-ending speech about extraterrestrial creatures, such as the nephilim.

Scott grew up in the baptist church, went to private school, seminary, the whole package deal. Then he decided God is not a loving god. He did not claim atheism, but rather acknowledged that God is not whom everyone thinks He is.

I was more than happy to allow Scott to know that I am a Christian. He was able to respect me, yet he spoke a few resounding words that I doubt will leave my mind. I cannot possibly form a proper quote, but it landed along the lines of, “your statement of faith keeps you close minded and you will see God in the real light if you just open up your mind..”

The topic of open and close-minded mentalities is a subject for another day, but even after calling on the Spirit for some wisdom and words in such an abrupt situation, I was dumbfounded. I’ve always heard of individuals like Scott, but never met one. Thank God for a challenge! I pray this equips me even more for the next time I cross paths with such a thinker.

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